I have coauthored more  than   125  indexed publications, including  Science (3), Nature,  Nature Materials (2),   Nature Nanotechnology (2),  Science Advances, Physical Review Letters (19),  Nano Letters (2),  2D Materials (4),  Physical Review X,  and  Physical Review B (53). My papers have been cited more than 4200 times (ISI Web of Science). My h index factor is 36 (as of June  2019). 

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Selected Publications

Electrically controlled nuclear polarization of individual atoms
K. Yang, P. Willke, Y.  Bae,  Alejandro Ferrón,  J. Lado,  Arzhang Ardavan, J.  Fernández-Rossier, A. J. Heinrich, C. P. Lutz 
Nature Nanotechnology, published on-line November 5 2018

Hyperfine interaction of individual atoms on a surface 
P. Willke, Y.  Bae, K. Yang, J. Lado, Alejandro Ferrón, Taeyoung Cho, Arzhang Ardavan, J.  Fernández-Rossier, A. J. Heinrich, C. P. Lutz 

Science 362, 336 (2018)

Probing magnetism in 2D van der Waals crystalline insulators via electron tunneling
D. R. Klein, D. MacNeill, J. L. Lado, D. Soriano, E. Navarro-Moratalla, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. Manni, P. Canfield, J. Fernández-Rossier, P. Jarillo-Herrero
Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.aar3617, May 3 (2018)

On the origin of magnetic anisotropy in two dimensional CrI3
J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier
2D Mater. 4, 035002 (2017)

Spin decoherence of adatoms on surfaces
F. Delgado,   J. Fernández-Rossier
Progress in Surface Science 92, 40-82 (2017)

A kilobyte rewritable atomic memory
F. E. Kalff, M. P. Rebergen, E. Fahrenfort, J. Girovsky, R. Toskovic, J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier, A. F. Otte
Nature Nanotechnology 11, 926 (2016) 

Quantum Anomalous Hall effect in graphene coupled to skyrmions
J. L. Lado , J. Fernández-Rossier
Physical Review B 92, 115433 (2015)

Imaging of spin waves in atomically designed nanomagnets
A. Spinelli, B. Bryant, F. Delgado, J. Fernández-Rossier, A. F. Otte,
Nature Materials 13, 782–785 (2014) 

Control of single-spin magnetic anisotropy by exchange coupling
J. C. Oberg, M. R.  Calvo, F.  Delgado, M. Moro-Lagares, D. Serrate, D. Jacob, J. Fernández-Rossier Cyrus F. Hirjibehedin

Nature Nanotechnology  9, 64–68 (2014)

Single atom devices: Quantum Engineering 
J. Fernández-Rossier,
Nature Materials 12 , 480 (2013) 

Storage of classical bits in quantum spins
F. Delgado,  J. Fernández-Rossier 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 196602 (2012)

Theory of single spin inelastic tunneling spectroscopy 
J. Fernández-Rossier 
Physical Review Letters  102, 256802 (2009)

The Kondo effect in ferromagnetic atomic contacts
M. R. Calvo,  J. Fernández-Rossier, J. J. Palacios, D. Jacob, D. Natelson, C. Untiedt
Nature 458,  1150 (2009) 

Magnetism in graphene nano-islands
J. Fernández-Rossier, J. J. Palacios
Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 177204 (2007)