Research Group

From left to right: Claudia Cardoso (INL postdoctoral fellow)  Noel García  (PhD student),  Diana Carvalho (INL summer student),  JFR,  David Soriano (INL Cofund postdoctoral fellow),  Goncalo Catarina (FCT PhD student)

Current members 

Claudia Cardoso  (INL )

Claudia joined my group at INL on  August 2017,  within the P2020  project. She is carrying out research  on optical properties of  2D materials.  

Gonçalo  Catarina  (FCT pre-doctoral fellow   at INL)

Goncalo joined my group at INL on  June  2017,  with a PhD position funded by FCT project of graphene qubits.  He is 

David Soriano  (COFUND Postdoctoral fellow  at INL)
David joined my group at INL on  May 2017,  within the INL-COFUND program. He is doing research on two electronic , transport and optical properties of 2D materials, with emphasis on point defects in h-BN and proximity effects in  magnetic 2D materials.     

Noel García, (Phd Student at INL)
Noel joined my group in January 2014.  He is doing research on spintronics in graphene and related materials.  He is a Marie Curie research fellow hired by SPINOGRAPH. Noel got his BsC in Physics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid  (Spain) in 2012 as well as a master on Condensed Matter Physics  in 2013. 

Former members 

José Luis Lado 
(October 2013-August  2017, Marie-Curie- ITN PhD,  postdoc at INL)
Current position:  ETH postdoctoral fellow, at ETH, Zurich. 

Alejandro Ferrón
(September 2013-august 2015, Marie-Curie-Cofund postdoc at INL)
Current position: permanent staff  at CONICET, Corrientes, Argentina

Fernando Delgado
(2009-2014 postdoc at UA and at  INL)
Current position (November 2014-2019): Ikerbaske Fellow, San Sebastian (Spain)

Pawel Potasz,
(May-November 2014, postdoc at INL)

Current position:  Institute of Physics, Wroclaw University of Technology. 

Krzysztof Kosmider 
(2012-2013, Postdoc at INL) 
Current position: (as of January 2014): postdoctoral researcher at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Daniel Gosálbez  

(2008-2013, PhD student at Universidad de Alicante)
Current position: (as of January 2016): postdoctoral researcher at EPFL, Switzerland. 

Jhon González
(2011-2013,  Postdoc at INL)

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Center of Materials Physics, San Sebastian, Spain. 

Federico Muñoz Rojas
 (2006-09, PhD student at UA, cosupervisor, J. J. Palacios).  
Current position: Associate Researcher (Investigador Asociado) at Universidad de Costa Rica. 

(2008-2011, PhD student at UA, cosupervisor, J. J. Palacios).
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, ICN,  Barcelona. 

(2009-2012, PhD student at UA and Joseph Fourier, co-supervisor Lucien Besombes and Henri Mariette )
Current position (as of January 2015):  Assistant professor at University of Jinan (Shan Dong Prov., China).