Current members 

PhD Students under my supervision/co-supervision:

Mar Ferri Cortés
PhD student of U. Alicante, with individual PhD contract from G. Valenciana. November 2022-

Joao Carlos Henriques 
PhD Student of U. Santiago.   Recruited with Synergia Pimag Project, October 2022-

Yelko del Castillo
PhD Student U. Minho . QPI fellow,  2021-
Co-supervisor: Nuno Peres
(Master student U. Alicante, September 2019- June  2020). 

María Losada 
PhD Student U. Granada . Hired by Junta de Andalucía fellow,  February 2021-
Co-supervisor: Blanca Biel

Pedro Cruz
PhD Student U. Porto. QPI fellow,  2020-
(Master student, under my supervision, September 2017-December 2018).  
Co-supervisor: Joao Pedro Pedroso

Luisa Madail 
PhD Student U. Aveiro.  QPI Fellow, 2020-
Main supervisor:  Ricardo G. Dias

Bruno Murta ( PhD student at U. Minho)
Bruno joined the group at the end of 2018, in INL.   FCT fellow since 2020. 
Co-supervisor: Nuno Peres

Former members 

Gonçalo  Catarina  (FCT PhD student   at U. Minho)
Gonçalo joined my group at INL on  June  2017,  with a PhD position funded by FCT project of graphene qubits.  Since January 2019 has  a FCT individual PhD fellowship. Since January 2020 he is at U. Alicante, as part of his PhD fellowship program. 
He graduated in February 2023
He is now a postdoctoral researcher at EMPA, Switzerland

Ricardo Ortiz  (Master and PhD student)
Ricardo joined my group as a Master student in 2015 in Universidad de Alicante. He then occupied a 6 month PhD position at INL, starting in February 2018.  In September 2018 he obtained and individual PhD fellowship from Generalitat Valenciana. He graduated in September 2021. He's now a postdoctoral researcher at DIPC (San Sebastian, Spain)
Noel García, (Phd Student)
Noel joined my group in January 2014.  He is doing research on spintronics in graphene and related materials.  He is a Marie Curie research fellow hired by SPINOGRAPH. Noel got his BsC in Physics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid  (Spain) in 2012 as well as a master on Condensed Matter Physics  in 2013.  He graduated in September 2021. 

Alejandro Molina Sánchez  ( INL fellow)
Alejandro joined the group on April 15 2019.  He stayed with us one year.  His previous position was a Juan de la Cierva in Universidad de Valencia. He is now a Ramón y Cajal fellow at Universidad de Valencia

Henrique Silverio (Master Student at IST Lisbon)
Henrique joined the group in the fall of 2018. 

Claudia Cardoso  
(Postdoc August 17-December 18,  postdoc at INL)
Current position:  permanent position at CNR, Modena, Italy

David Soriano  
(May 2017-June 2018, Marie-Curie Cofund postdoc at INL)
(2008-2011, PhD student at UA, co-supervisor, J. J. Palacios)
Current position:  GenT Distinguished Researcher, Universidad de Alicante (Spain)

(October 2013-August  2017, Marie-Curie- ITN PhD,  postdoc at INL)
Next position:ETH postdoctoral fellow, at ETH, Zurich. 
Current position:   Assistant professor Aalto University, Finland

Alejandro Ferrón
(September 2013-august 2015, Marie-Curie-Cofund postdoc at INL)
Current position: permanent staff  at CONICET, Corrientes, Argentina

Pawel Potasz
(May-November 2014, postdoc at INL)
Current position:  Institute of Physics, Wroclaw University of Technology. 

Krzysztof Kosmider 
(2012-2013, Postdoc at INL) 
Next position  INL: postdoctoral researcher at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Jhon González
(2011-2013,  Postdoc at INL)

Next position after INL:  Postdoctoral Fellow
Center of Materials Physics, San Sebastian, Spain. 

Fernando Delgado
(2009-2014 postdoc at UA and at  INL)
Current position: Tenure Track position, La Laguna University,  Tenerife  (Spain)

Daniel Gosálbez  
(2008-2013, PhD student at Universidad de Alicante)
Current position: (as of January 2016): postdoctoral researcher at EPFL, Switzerland. 

(2009-2012, PhD student at UA and Joseph Fourier, co-supervisor Lucien Besombes and Henri Mariette )
Current position (as of January 2015):  Assistant professor at University of Jinan (Shan Dong Prov., China).

Federico Muñoz Rojas
 (2006-09, PhD student at UA, cosupervisor, J. J. Palacios).  
Current position: Associate Researcher (Investigador Asociado) at Universidad de Costa Rica. 

Summer Students at INL

2012   José Luis Lado (Universidad de Santiago, Spain) 
           Kevin López (MIT, Stanford)

2016   Joao Franco
2017 Diana Carvalho (U. Averiro, PT)
2018 Ronan Gautier (U. Paris Saclay, Cambridge)  and Ricardo Rama (Universidad de Santiago,  U. Pais Vasco)
2019 Iria Bolaño (Universidad de Vigo, Spain/ Lund)